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Dr. Sarfraz Khawaja
DEAN, National Institute of Public Policy
National School of Public Policy

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NIPP Office
Old Building-7
Phone: +92-42-9-920-2915
Fax: +92-42-9-920-2903
Email: sarfrazshk@yahoo.com
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National Institute of Public Ploicy
National School of Public Policy,
The Mall Lahore-54000,PAKISTAN


Dr. Sarfraz Khawaja is Dean National Institute of Public Policy, since 24 October, 2014. He is former Consultant Specialist in Monitoring & Evaluation in Planning Commission, Government of Pakistan. He served as Chief Instructor at the Civil Services Academy, Lahore. He also served as Deputy Educational Advisor in the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan and Director, Academy of Educational Planning and Management, Islamabad. His work experience extends to UNICEF as Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. He also worked for UNFPA as Management Advisor. Dr. Khawaja was a Member of the ‘Chief Minister’s Task Force on Education’ Punjab. He was a Member of the Board of Directors, Pakistan Study Center, University of Punjab Lahore. He has been consultant to several International and National Organizations some of which include Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), Asian Development Bank (ADB), Plan International, Higher Education Commission (HEC), The World Bank, UNICEF, USAID, Aga Khan Educational Foundation. He was Principal Research Partner in the BRIDGES Project carried out in collaboration with Harvard University, USA.
Dr. Sarfraz Khawaja completed his Master’s Degree with distinction from University of the Punjab, Lahore and started teaching in a college. He competed in the CSS Examination and was allocated to ‘Pakistan Customs Services’ but he opted for academics. He completed his Ph.D degree from the University of Missouri, Columbia, USA and then joined University of Wisconsin, USA as a faculty member. He also taught at Government College University Lahore. He has been a visiting speaker at Allama Iqbal Open University, Quaid-i-Azam University, National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA), Foreign Services Academy, and National Defense University, Islamabad. 
He is a prolific writer and author of ten books and several research papers. His book ‘Non Formal Education: Myth or Panacea for Pakistan’ won the prestigious ‘National Book Foundation Award 1994’. 
His recent publication is entitled: Public Policy: Formulation Implementation Analyses: Pakistan Focused (Mr. Books, Islamabad. 2013).

Dr Saif Ullah Khalid

Research Associate (Governance and Public Policy),

PhD, Governance and Public Administration, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Dr. Saif Ullah Khalid has worked as Assistant Professor in the Department of Governance and Public Policy, National University of Modern Languages. He also served as Strategic Planning Expert in USAID projects in Pakistan. He has been a Program Manager in Centre for Governance and Public Accountability, Islamabad. He was also selected in United Nations Internship Program and served in United Nations Evaluation Program/Process on United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), in the Office of Internal Oversight Services, Inspection and Evaluation Division, New York, USA. Furthermore, he was Relationship Manager at Khushhali Bank Limited.
Dr. Saif Ullah Khalid holds double Master’s Degree: one in Development Studies, with specialization in Economics of Development from International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands, and second is Master’s in Economics from Peshawar University, with distinction, by securing First class First position in Economic department and stood third in the whole province. He completed his PhD, from Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where his doctoral thesis is “Theory and Practice of police corruption control in Pakistan Case studies of three Police Departments”. He was awarded HEC foreign scholarship for MS leading to PhD.
His current publications are “Theory and Practice of Understanding Corruption in Pakistan: Case study of National Accountability Bureau, KPK” and “Medium Term Budgetary Framework: Issues, Challenges and Prospects in Pakistan.”


Mr. Jahanzeb Waheed

Research Associate(Development Economics), MSc. Development Studies, Glasgow, Scotland

Mr. Waheed has worked as Research/Project/Data Analyst with various private and public sector organisations including, Punjab Rural Support Programme (PRSP), Asian Development Bank (ADB)/Department for International Development (DfID) and the Planning and Development Department, Punjab. At National Institute of Public Policy (NIPP), he has completed several research assignments including a research paper, entitled ‘Trade Liberalization Linkage to Economic Growth and Poverty: A Two Sector Approach’ and ‘Service Delivery Through ICT in Education: An Evaluation of Online College Admission System’. In addition, he has drafted research plan and agenda for NIPP, input and recommendations for National IT Policy for Ministry of Information Technology. He performed duties of drafting/verifying course content/assignment outcomes for National Management College (NMC) Courses. As a resource person, he has been part of independent monitoring/evaluation for ‘Prime Minister’s National Information and Communication Technology-Scholarship Award Test’ and ‘Move Forward to Regain the Prosperous Lives’. He also provided assistance in developing course contents of ‘Public Administration in Pakistan’ at the level of M.A/MS.c. degree programs. His areas of interest include policy processes, implementation and management issues.
Mr. Waheed is currently working on studies, entitled,

  1. ‘Service Delivery through Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB): Management of Cause Analysis’
‘Crisis of Governance in Primary Education in Punjab: A Case Study’



Ms. Ayesha Akbar

Research Associate , MSc. Sociology (Punjab)

Ms Akbar has been engaged in various research activities with international organizations. She has worked on an extensive study of World Health Organization (WHO) at King Edward Medical University, Lahore.The prime purpose of the study was to invoke service delivery orientation through involving integrated health care channels to strengthen the primary health care in Punjab.

She has been involved in statistical data analysis and report writing of survey for evaluating the “Professional Attitude and Perception” of Participants, enrolled in NMC. She has also been providing assistance in preparing reading material for the simulation exercises during the courses.In addition, she has attended various conferences on Public Policy and Civil Services.

Ayesha is currently working on analyzing public policy in the domain of governance and management. She has completed a policy paper on “Pakistan’s Migration Policy and Governance Challenges of Balancing Brain-Drain and Capital-Gain. She has also conducted a case study on “Failure of Service Delivery in Primary Health Care of Punjab”. Her previous paper was on “Culture and Cultural Policy of Pakistan”.

Miss Akbar has actively been involved in organizing workshops, seminars and conferences in the institute. She recently worked on a report “Change but No Change: A Public Sector Dilemma” an executive workshop, organized by the Executive Development Institute.

Now, she is working on a paper titled “Organizational Analysis of Successful Stories in Public Sector”