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Life at NMC
Sports & Cultural Events
NMC offers lots of opportunities to pursue sporting interests. Whether you want to compete with your fellow participants or simply play for fun or to keep fit, a well equipped sports complex with outstanding facilities is available for tennis, badminton, table tennis, billiard, squash and chess. The participants get a chance to rediscover their talents through the various cultural events arranged by the Cultural Committee. These evenings of colour relax the minds and give broader perspective to the traditional training methodology.
  Foreign Study Tour  
To gain knowledge about Public Policy Planning and Formulation Processes of selected countries and Implementation Techniques for Socio-Economic development vis-à-vis National purpose, interests and objectives.
    Comprehend framework of public policy formulation and implementation processes and comparative governance with respect to national purpose.Study inter-ministerial coordination mechanism. Analyze role of private sector in economic development. Examine regulatory framework. Study planning processes in economic development.Understand diplomatic processes. Level of bilateral relations with Pakistan in various spheres.