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  Senior Mangement Wing (SMW)  
The Senior Management Wing conducts Senior Management Course for BS-19 Officers as pre-requisite for promotion to BS-20. Previously four NIPAs (Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta) used to organize Advance Course on Public Sector Management (ACPSM) for BS- 19 officers with twenty five participants per NIPA, a total of 100 officers trained annually but now The Senior Management Course has replaced it. This Course is now run twice a year for 20 weeks each, at the Senior Management Wing of the NMC (old NIPA-Lahore), with an in take of 100 participants per course and 200 participants in a year. The revised syllabus is in line with the seven main modules at NMW level. The Motto for the Senior Management Course is “OPERATIONALIZING POLICY AND STRATEGY”