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Enhance knowledge; and improve their attitudes, skills and leadership ability. Develop skills and methods of public policy implementation, improved service delivery and operationalzing policy / strategy at all government levels. Develop skills for evaluating / monitoring the implementation of operational plans to provide feedback for their timely mid-course corrections.



  • Familiarize the participants with the national environment so as to understand the interplay of external and internal dynamics and their influence on governance in Pakistan.
  • Develop participants’ understanding of the diversity in Pakistani society (socio-cultural values, beliefs and attitudes) and its relevance to policy implementation and governance.
  • Provide in-depth knowledge of governance and administrative structures of Pakistan along with relevant policy processes and implementation strategies.
  • Enable the participants to apply concepts and techniques of management, operational and technical implementation in the Pakistani environment.
  • Enhance participant’s comprehension about operationalizing economic policies at the micro level and familiarize them with macro economics factors that influence economic management and its future trends. 
  • Equip participants with research and analytical skills for enhanced performance on the job.
  • Through study tours, expose the participants to issues and practical problems of the Pakistani society and state along with impact of various policies and management practices on the people of Pakistan.
  • Facilitate participants’ good health and introduce variety in their course routine through co-curricular activities.
Course Modules
  Module 1: Statecraft and Public Policy (S&PP)  

Module 2: Socio-Cultural Dynamic of Pakistan:Human Developementand Public Service Management

  Module 3: Economics and Finance for Socio-Economic Developement and Political Stybility (E&F-SED&PS)  
  Module 4: Governance, Strategic Management and Leadership (GSM&L)  
  Module 5:Research Methodology and Research (RM&R)  
  Module 6: Study Tours