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NMC – The Apex Training Program

The National Management Course (the Course) is the apex level training program for civil servants. It is an 18-week intensive training program organized at NSPP’s main campus in Lahore. Senior officers from the federal and provincial governments and various autonomous bodies attend this course. Over the years, we have worked consistently to make our training values coherent with national goals. With each new batch, a comprehensive review of the training curriculum is undertaken to ensure that the Course aligns with the professional needs of a modern civil servant working in the top tiers of the government.


  • Sensitize the participants to concepts and issues in modern statecraft and public policy, alongside the methodology and processes of public policy formulation. The Course aims to enhance their abilities to think strategically and appreciate how various factors, internal as well as external, impinge upon the policy process.

  • Enable them to undertake and pursue systematic public policy research and analysis as an input for public policy formulation.

  • Augment understanding of strategic management, leadership and governance and their relevance and application to public policy formulation and implementation.

  • Develop a comprehension of strategic economic concepts and issues in the global context, enabling them to provide inputs for formulating and implementing viable and pragmatic economic policies to promote inclusive growth and development.

  • Strengthen understanding of the geo-political and geo-economic trends in an emerging multipolar world, and identify and address challenges and opportunities for Pakistan. Participants are provided a platform to analyze determinants of foreign policy and major international issues and their impact on Pakistan; and comprehend linkages between domestic and international compulsions for Pakistan, thereby enabling them to give rational inputs for the formulation of a pragmatic policy framework.

  • Study Pakistan’s socio-cultural, environment, human development and public service management as they influence and shape public policy formulation and implementation.

  • Develop the participants’ understanding of issues on ground through our Inland Study Tours, and, through Foreign Study Tours, provide them aid to envision global dynamics and understand how they affect national security, economy and social justice.

Module List

  • Public Policy: Concepts and Practices

  • Governance with Focus on Strategic Management and Leadership

  • IT Based Solutions for Effective Governance

  • Economics and Finance for Socio-Economic Development

  • Foreign Policy and Trade Diplomacy

  • Public Service Management in the Context of Socio-Cultural Dynamics of Pakistan