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Online Complaint Registration 

Establishment of Public Complaints Resolution Mechanism,
National School of Public Policy (NSPP),
Opposite Pearl Continental Hotel, Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore

The National School of Public Policy (NSPP), Lahore, is the premier institution for the training and continuing education of civil servants in Pakistan. The School provides mandatory, four-tiered, training courses for civil servants through their entire career cycle. Policy related, strategic, operational and tactical training is provided beginning with entry-level Basic Scale-17 officers up to Basic Scale-20 officers who are transitioning to the highest level of public policy making.

NSPP has following three Integral and four Constituent Units: –

Integral Units

National Management College (NMC) with the following two Wings:-

  • National Management Wing (NMW)
  • Senior Management Wing (SMW)

National Institute of Public Policy (NIPP)
Executive Development Institute (EDI)

Constituent Units:-

National Institute of Management, Lahore
National Institute of Management, Karachi
National Institute of Management, Peshawar
National Institute of Management, Quetta

In the light of the Wafaqi Mohtasib (Ombudsman)’s Secretariat letter No.4(7)LJCP/SL/WMS/2016, dated 08.08.2016 communicated vide Establishment Division letter No.6/89/2016/DS-Coord, dated 30.08.2016, a Public Complaint Resolution Mechanism has been developed by the NSPP. Following have been nominated as Focal Person and Complaint Officer for the said Mechanism:-

Ms. Sumaira Ayub, (Focal Person)
Additional Director (Coord),
National School of Public Policy,
Opposite Pearl Continental Hotel,
Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore.

Mr. Manzoor Ahmad, (Complaint Officer)
Admin Officer,
National School of Public Policy,
Opposite Pearl Continental Hotel,
Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore.

Complaint Mechanism:-

The Complaint Officer will receive the complaint, register the same and will put up to the Focal Person. The Complaint Officer will keep track of the progress. He will also make sure that every complaint or public letter received by him have been properly registered, uploaded and processed on the web system provided by Federal Ombudsman as per time line.

Who can Lodge a Complaint:-

Any person aggrieved by an action (decision, process, recommendation, omission etc.) of any functionary of the Organization which is contrary to law, rules or regulations or is a departure from established practice or procedure can file a complaint.

How to Lodge a Complaint:-

A complaint written in English or Urdu may be lodged as per address mentioned above.