EDI Dean Message 2021-08-10T11:36:06+00:00

Dean’s Messsage

Mr. Ahmad Nazir Warraich

Executive Development Institute (EDI) is an integral part of the National School of Public Policy (NSPP). It is entrusted with the dual task of conducting short courses on topical issues of relevance for public policy and governance/ administration, as well as conducting policy dialogues on relevant critical issues. EDI aims to bring together on one platform senior professionals from public, private sector as well as the civil society including academia. This is in recognition of the fact that public policy and governance in the 21st century requires input not just from the public sector but also private sector as well as the civil society.

The aim of EDI is therefore to bring together senior professionals from these backgrounds on one table so as to have a more informed discussion. This leads to better training as experiences are exchanged between participants as well as for better policy dialogue by bringing in a 360-degree view of all issues of relevance leading to better identification of issues and consequent recommendations. In order to achieve these objectives an in house needs assessment is carried out to identify the areas of importance for public policy and governance/ administration. An effort is made to carefully select the resource persons/experts as well as to ensure diversity in the cohort of participants.  Recently a third component of Webinars has also been introduced to better use the availability of the digital platform, and increase the outreach of EDI. This would allow EDI to more fully perform its function of being the bridge between the public and the private sector as well as the civil society including academia.