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About NMC

The historical and intellectual roots of NMC trace back to the former Pakistan Administrative Staff College (PASC), founded in 1960 to provide in-service training for senior civil servants. Inspired by institutions such as the Henley College of Civil Service in London and Syracuse University in the USA, PASC integrated both British and American traditions into its curriculum and methodology. While NMC maintains the essence of these traditions, it has evolved over the years, broadening and modernizing its academic approach. Instead of solely focusing on administrative studies, NMC now encompasses a wider array of academic disciplines, including sociology, anthropology, and humanities. These additions complement essential subjects like economics, political science, law, and international affairs, shaping a holistic view of public policy and leadership.

NMC’s campus is located in Lahore.

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A Word from the Dean

Dr. Muhammad Jamil Afaqi
The ultimate promise of a civil servant’s life lies not solely in pursuing personal career advancement but also in possessing a conscience—a habit of self-reflection about one’s duties and obligations to society and a continuous striving to fulfill them. Therefore, rather than functioning solely as traditional trainers focused on imparting standard skills, our aim is to nurture a holistic personality capable of integrating skills and competencies within a constructive outlook dedicated to serving society.
At NMC, our mission is to mentor civil servants who are globally competitive, culturally grounded, ethically fortified, and temperamentally compassionate and service-oriented. We uphold core values of credibility, empathy, rigor, and evidence-based learning, to anchor our work. We aim to make our participants’ time at NMC a meaningful and enriching experience.

Join us on a voyage to self- discovery through knowledge.

Muhammad Jamil Afaqi

Courses at NMC

  • National Management Course

NMC Facilities

Information Technology

We are imparting advanced IT training as our contribution towards the establishment of an I.T environment in the country. NIM Karachi is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art computer laboratories with Core i5 branded computers, and multimedia read more…


NIM has two separate hostels for the participants of SMC and MCMC. Both the hostels are located within vicinity of the Institute. The hostels fully furnished rooms on single / double occupancy basis and 24/7 internet facility read more…


The Institute’s library supports the training and research activities of both the faculty as well as the trainee participants. The print collection is made up of useful materials on a broad range of public policy issues, including international affairs, social policy, read more…

Training Facilities 

NIM has air-conditioned 02 main class rooms, 14 syndicate equipped with audio-visual facilities to run courses simultaneously.  Syndicate rooms for group discussions are also available read more…


The institute has sports facilities available for guest / participants: Gymnasium, Tennis, In-door games (Snooker, Table Tennis & Badminton), Walking-Track