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A Bit About NIM

Welcome to the National Institute of Management, (NIM) Lahore. The Institute is a senior institution for providing training and research opportunities, to BS-18 and equivalent officers for better implementation of public policy through improved service delivery. As a constituent unit of NSPP, NIM Lahore, since its inception in 2009, has made meaningful investment to improve the quality and value of the training courses, through curricula changes, co-curricular events, participants extensive interactive involvement and a focus on excellence across every aspect of its programs. NIM Lahore is a premier flag bearer Institute. As trainers, we are determined to improve and achieve excellence in training, and research and endeavor to make NIM a center of excellence. We believe public service must create and deliver public value and win public trust by means of effective public service delivery.

Historical Background

Former National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA) was established in MARCH 1961 under the West Pakistan Government Educational and Training Institutions Ordinance, 1960 and federalized in 1981. The first training course commenced the same year. NIPA was a Semi-autonomous organization under the administrative control of the Establishment Division Government of Pakistan, and was funded by the Federal Government. In 2005, NIPA under the NSPP Ordinance, was merged under new dispensation, National Management College, which merged former Pakistan Administrative College (PASC) and NIPA. The National Management College was structured to comprise two wings, i.e. the National Management Wing (NMW) and the Senior Management Wing (SMW). The National Management Wing was housed in the building of former PASC and the SMW in the NIPA building. BS- 19 mandatory course now called Senior Management Course is organized by SMW.

NIM Facilities

We are imparting advanced IT training as our contribution towards the establishment of an I.T environment in the country. NIM Karachi is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art computer laboratories with Core i5 branded computers, and multimedia.

The Institute has 200+ workstations and an excellent computer laboratories with 100 Core i5 machines in two labs, networked with high performance dedicated HP Servers. The institute also has 24/7 Internet access facility through DSL. The Following facilities are available for all the staff / participants of SMC and MCMC.

  • Internet/E-mail facility
  • Individual e-mail address
  • Individual user accounts on local servers.

An internet facility are available in all hostels rooms’ access 24/7. Participants are encouraged to use internet facility for their daily assignments

NIM has two separate hostels for the participants of SMC and MCMC. Both the hostels are located within vicinity of the Institute. The hostels fully furnished rooms on single / double occupancy basis and 24/7 internet facility. A mess attached to the hostel provides high quality foods.

The institute has sports facilities available for guest / participants:

  • Gymnasium
  • Tennis
  • In-door games (Snooker, Table Tennis & Badminton)
  • Walking-Track

The Institute’s library supports the training and research activities of both the faculty as well as the trainee participants. The print collection is made up of useful materials on a broad range of public policy issues, including international affairs, social policy, economy, environment, law, and the management of public and non-profit organizations. Due to its proximity to several educational and training institutions, including the University of Karachi, the Usman Institute of Technology and the Institute of Business Administration Institute of participants can also draw upon their resources as and when required. The library also subscribes to a number of journals, magazines, periodicals and newspapers.


  • No material shall be taken away from the premises without the prior permission of the Librarian.
  • Books shall not be transferred from one person to another.
  • Library material will not be issued to borrowers on the basis of request made on the telephone.
  • Reference books, term papers, periodicals and press clipping folders will not be issued.
  • Books must be returned by the library members within two weeks of issuance.
  • Books will be issued to faculty members and the staff of the institute for a period of two months. Reminders will be issued if these books are not returned within due time. The case for the reimbursement of the cost of the books will be sent to the account branch after one week of issuing of the final reminder.
  • Faculty and staff members will return all the books issued to them before proceeding on leave or abroad for training.
  • All the participants of NIM courses are entitled to borrow books for two weeks. However, they must return the books before leaving the institute. Otherwise, clearance/course certificates will not be given to them. Course coordinator will cooperate with library in getting back books from the participants



  • Two latest photographs, National I.D Card and Guarantee letter from his/her head of the institute/department will have to be submitted by the applicant.
  • Subject to completion and signing of appropriate registration form, an applicant may be registered as a member for a period of 3 months, extendable to a year.
  • Membership fee (non-refundable) for 3 months is Rs. 1000 and for one year is Rs. 2000. On expiry of this period the membership will have to be renewed/re-registered.



  • NIM library provides its membership to ex-participants of NIM Advanced Courses.
  • Private Students are not eligible for membership.
  • Applications for membership must be addressed to the Library Incharge.
  • Member of the library will deposit Rs. 2,000/= (refundable) as caution money.
  • Membership will be suspended if the library rules and regulations are infringed.

Class Rooms

NIM has air-conditioned 02 main class rooms, 14 syndicate equipped with audio-visual facilities to run courses simultaneously.  Syndicate rooms for group discussions are also available.


NIM has a centrally air-conditioned auditorium equipped with latest public address system and capacity of 280 seats. Arrangements for video recording of all meetings and conferences are also available to the government agencies and educational or cultural organizations for holding seminars, workshops and symposia on payment at rates approved by the Administration.

Audio Visual Laboratory

NIM Karachi has developed its own Audio Visual Laboratory managed by professional staff with advance equipments, which provides professional help to prepare audio-visual material like digital photography, transparencies, slides, graphs, diagrams, etc.

Mail Box Facility/Postal Arrangements

A mail-box facility for incoming mail is available in the corridor outside the computer labs. Each participant will be allocated a mail-box number for collection of their mails. Outgoing private mail will be facilitated by the institute at the official rates.


Telephone sets are installed in all the hostel rooms. Local calls can be made directly by dialing “9”. Nation-wide calls can only be made by way of calling cards. Telephone messages received during the sessions will be delivered to the participants during the break or after the session. Unless otherwise specified, fax messages will be placed in the mailboxes. Please ensure that fax messages are clearly marked with your name, otherwise delivery could be delayed.

Course Documents

Participants are requested to keep handy all the documents which they receive from the National Institute of Management, Karachi in connection with Senior Management Course (SMC) and the Mid-Career Management Course (MCMC).


Modern information technology tends to lead to unnecessary printing of documents. In order to discourage this trend, participants are expected to download their documents for their future references (on the USB drive, CD-R/ RW or directly to the disc space provided on the server) when they are browsing the internet and avoid the tendency to immediately print the page. Working drafts should be edited on screen and not be printed. Laser Printer will be available in computer labs.

Typing and Data Entry

NIM does not assume any responsibility for providing typing and data-entry facilities to the participants. Limited arrangements for facilitating them in this regard have been made through a dedicated computer operators who shall be available in the Labs from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. In extraordinary circumstance, additional support may be available from NIM staff on a need basis. However, it must be kept in mind that material submission is staggered as it is not possible to cater to a sudden surge that generally comes near the deadline(s).


Laundry services are available from an outsourced service provider on payment at prescribed rates.


The Institute has a clinic where a medical officer is available to provide medical advice and essential medication from 09:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. daily on working days. Serious medical cases are referred to government hospitals in accordance with the entitlement.


NIM has efficient Reprography arrangements and has Plain Paper Copiers, paper cutting & binding machine.

Each participant is allowed a total of 500 copies throughout the duration of the course and is required to make necessary entry in the register provided for this purpose in the copier room.

Organizational Chart