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A quality research institute on public policy, developing eventually into the Premier ‘Think Tank’ for the Government of Pakistan.


We will pursue the Vision by developing policy research and dialogue capabilities for addressing wide-ranging and ever evolving challenges of governance in the heterogeneous, pluralistic and diverse socio-political context of Pakistan.


As a premier research organization entrusted with the task of advancing the objectives of the National School of Public Policy (NSPP), the National Institute of Public Policy (NIPP), will be dedicated to multidisciplinary research on public policy, focused principally on the areas of governance, government and Public/Civil service. In the process, the NIPP will not only coordinate research activities in affiliated and integral institutes of the NSPP through formal networking to improve the quality of on-going research, but will also initiate and develop programmes of its own, both short-term and long-term. These programmes will reflect the needs of the government to deal with public policy issues and concerns. The ultimate aim and purpose of the NIPP will be ‘to serve as a research institute for the Federal Government on matter’s of Public Policy and to advise the Federal Government on such policy matters as [are] referred to it’ (NSPP Ordinance No. XCIX of 2002).