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NSPP International Conference on Social Policy Financing

Dates: September 19-20, 2022

    (An Introduction)

 National School of Public Policy [NSPP], Government of Pakistan, Lahore is happy to announce holding an international conference on Social Policy Financing on September 19-20, 2022. The Conference would be organized by the National Institute of Public Policy [NIPP], an integral unit of NSPP, which acts as a think tank of the federal government.

Social Policy is defined as the state intervention that directly affects social welfare, social institutions and social relations. During the implementation, it interacts with the processes of redistribution, production, reproduction and protection, twining it with economic policy in the realization of national social and economic goals anchored in the long term development perspective. Over a period of time, the governments experiment with different policy choices and tools and the institutions grow to implement the social policies at different tiers of government. With a new layer of institutional infrastructure under Ehsaas, the Government of Pakistan has consolidated its income support schemes, integrated scattered social protection programmes and has introduced many new initiatives, including the Flagship Sehat Sahulat Programme. In the presence of massive poverty and inequality in Pakistan and the recent added vulnerabilities due to Covid 19, financial instability and rising inflation, the Government of Pakistan has significantly increased its focus on social protection and equity.

Lately, the Government of Pakistan has significantly increased funding for social protection programmes and its better use of modern technology has helped in providing effective emergency responses to protect the citizens from social contingencies. However, adequate financing in a sustainable way is bound to become a major challenge for the government in the coming years in the face of mounting un-met social protection needs and the mounting macroeconomic instability.

The sustainable Social Policy financing is not only about the allocation of funds by the federal and provincial governments. It is also about reducing the wastages by critically revisiting the whole range of old and new initiatives in a cogently developed framework of Social Policy objectives. NSPP Conference on Social Policy Financing aims at creating fresh knowledge on the effectiveness of different social protection institutions, policy choices and instruments made by the present and past governments with a view to help the policy makers enhance the public sector expenditure effectiveness.

The fresh knowledge generated through the NSPP Conference would complement the research work being carried out by the NIPP Social Policy Research Group for the Government of Pakistan and inform the national and international debates on the SDG’s, which could not be adequately realized without a rational financing framework.

With the help of social policy researchers from Pakistan and abroad, we hope to present fresh, original research during the NSPP Conference, around the following themes:

  • Nexus between development and social policy
  • Challenge of developing institutions for an effective Social Policy in Pakistan for future generations
  • Critical review of Pakistan’s historical practices and policies in financing social policy at the national and provincial levels, particularly in the post 18th Amendment scenario
  • Evaluation of social protection programmes such as Income support, social security, health insurance etc.
  • Financing effective social protection to Children, Persons with Disabilities and Older Persons
  • Role of specific financing mechanisms and revenue sources, including taxation, social insurance, social and pension funds, remittances, and aid in contributing to sustainable social policies in Pakistan
  • Future of Employees Social Security Institutions in Pakistan
  • Implications of transitioning from largely in-kind state provisioning of health to state-funded Health Insurance.
  • Developing an indigenous Social Policy Index for Pakistan
  • International experiences in Social Policy formulation and Financing

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For further details, please contact:

nsppconference1-2022@nspp.gov.pk                      Dean, National Institute of Public Policy

dean.nipp@nspp.gov.pk                                              NSPP, 87, Shahrah Quaid e Azam, Lahore