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  Article NameAuthorYear
Export Potential of Pakistani MangoesAbdul Majid YousfaniJuly-2007
Interest and The Modren EconomyArshad Zaman & Asad ZamanJuly-2007
Decentralization in Support of result-based Management(RBM)Dr.Sohail AmjadJuly-2007
Mental Health Ordinance 2001: An AnalysisJustice(R) Dr. Ghous MuhammadJuly-2007
Zakat as a Social Safety Net:Exploring the ImpactImran Ashraf ToorJuly-2007
The Growth of Poverty in PakistanM. Ali ShahJuly-2007
A Review of United NationsDr. Mehnaz FatimaJuly-2007
Monetary and Fiscal Policy CoordinationMuhammad Nadeem Hanif &   Muhammad Farooq ArbyJuly-2007
Public Expenditure Management in Pakistan:An AppraisalMunawar AlamJuly-2007
Development of Municipal Corporation in Bangladesh: does Coordination Exist?Pranab Kumar PandayJuly-2007
Sectarian Conflict in Pakistan,Role of Imams and Ulemma Public PolicyKafeel AhmedJuly-2007
Development in Public Adminstration in PakistanDr. Syed Amjad Ali SaqibJuly-2007
Liberal Governance and the Post Modern Self: an Islamic viewDr. Javed Akbar AnsariMar-2003
Forced labour in Punjab agricultureDr. Aly Ercelawn &Sohnia AliMar-2003
The Social Sciences in Pakistan in Historical PerspectiveS. Akbar ZaidiMar-2003
Analyzing Growth in South Asia: Special Reference to East AsiaDr. Faisal BariMar-2003
The Periods of Disinvestment in Different Sectors of the Pakistan EconomyAurangzeb & Asif U. MohammadMar-2003
Afghanistan: Its Impact on Pakistan’s EconomyNoor Mohammad JadmaniMar-2003
Value Added Tax & E-Commerce TransactionsShaukat AliMar-2003
Two PoemsZohreenMar-2003
Of Life and Transience: Pride and Prayer Original Dohas and TranslationDr. Tahir S. HaroonMar-2003
Corporate Governance in Pakistan: Issues and ConcernsDr. Ali CheemaJun-2003
The Changing Nature of the Informal Sector in Karachi Due to Global Restructuring and LiberalisationsArif HasanJun-2003
Perils of Donor-led Development for People and CommunitiesMushtaq Ahmed,M. Nauman & Dr. A. ErcelawnJun-2003
Women’s Access to Judicial RedressJustice (R ) Nasir Aslam ZahidJun-2003
Development of Thar CoalMuhammad Aslam SanjraniJun-2003
Emerging Macroeconomic ImbalancesZehra  AftabJun-2003
Refugee Children: A World Beyond PainZohreen MuradJun-2003
The Cactus Flower: A PoemZohreen MuradJun-2003
An Islamic Appreciation of Pakistani Modernism: Ideology,Methodology and StrategyDr. Javed Akbar  AnsariSep-2003
Competencies and Values Required for Effective Managementof our EconomyDr. Mahnaz FatimaSep-2003
Benefit Incidence Analysis of Public Spending on EducationMuhammad SabirSep-2003
A Dialogue for a Dialogue for a DialogueToheed AhmadSep-2003
Deforestation in NWFPIqbal MehmoodSep-2003
Romancing Thar: A PoemZahid MuradSep-2003
Of Wine and Houris of Ethereal and Temporal Translation of Punjabi VerseZMSep-2003
The Political Economy of Dealing with GlobalisationS. Akbar ZaidiDec-2003
Growth & Poverty ParadoxDr. Faisal BariDec-2003
The ABC of ACDToheed AhmadDec-2003
Housing Finance in Pakistan: A Serious NeedArif ElahiDec-2003
Civil Service Training in Pakistan: Search for the New ParadigmM. Kamran LakhaniDec-2003
Breaking the Silence:  The Challenge of HIV Prevention in South AsiaZohreen MuradDec-2003
Swansong of the Addict:  A PoemZMDec-2003
Of the Ethereal and the Temporal: Translation of Dohas and Punjabi VerseZM & Mubashir HasanDec-2003
Implications of Central Bank Autonomy for Developing CountiesDr. Javed Akbar AnsariMar-2002
Globalisation and the Creation of Poverty in PakistanS. Akbar ZaidiMar-2002
Bonded Labour in Pakistan: Impact of Policy Law and EconomyDr. A. Ercelawn and Karamat AliMar-2002
Traffic Law Enforcement on MotorwayAsad Jahangir KhanMar-2002
Expression of Femininity and Feminism in Pakistani Literature: A  Case Study of Urdu PoetryNisar MuhammadMar-2002
Shrine of Udero Lal: An Architectural and Symbolic Expression of Sindh’s Cultural PastMurlidhar DawaniMar-2002
Child Labour: An Economic IssueShaukat AliMar-2002
Dust: A PoemZohreenMar-2002
Should There be a Minimum Wage in Pakistan?Dr. Asad SayeedJun-2002
Private Sector Investment in the Energy Sector: Case of PakistanMarshuk Ali ShahJun-2002
Defence Expenditure: Its Impact on GrowthShah SahibJun-2002
International Monetary SystemM. Nadim HanifJun-2002
Impact of Aid Flow in the last Decade (1989-99) on Pakistan’s Economy: A case studyBarkat Ali BukhariJun-2002
Death by Choice: Western and Islamic ApproachesJustice (Retd.) Dr.Ghouse MuhammadJun-2002
Restoration of Rumi: 17th Century Burial Ground with Carved GravestonesDr. Asma IbrahimJun-2002
Two PoemsZohreenJun-2002
Understanding Human Rights ImperialismDr. Javed Akbar AnsariSep-2002
Rising Urbanization in Pakistan: Some Facts and SuggestionsDr. Arshad Zaman & Iffat AraSep-2002
Market Friendly as Justice for PakistanDr. A. Ercelawn and M. NaumanSep-2002
Management of Quantum Change in Pakistani OrganizationsDr. Mahnaz FatimaSep-2002
Sindh Provincial Finance Commission (PFC) Award: First Step Towards Local Government AutonomyDr. Qazi Masood A. & Mohammad SabirSep-2002
Initiating Solutions to Civic Problems Through Indigenous Human ResourcesSamir A. HoodhboySep-2002
Karachi (2002)Zahid MuradSep-2002
Of Truth and Hypocrisy: Translation of Selected Verse of Bulleh ShahMubashar HasanSep-2002
House Hold Characteristic,Poverty and Indebtedness Among Womens workers in urban PakistanDr. Asad Saeed,Sohail Javed,Farhan,Sami KhanDec-2002
The Role of Corruption in Pakistan’s IndustrializationDr. Ali CheemaDec-2002
Public Debt ManagementMohammad Nadeem HanifDec-2002
Should SAARC be wound up?Rashid AhmedDec-2002
Inefficent Water Management: its Impact on Economic GrowthMahfuz-ur-Rehman PashaDec-2002
Retribution and Restoration of Moral Order in Tragic DramaZahid MuradDec-2002
OOf Rape and Honour: A PoemZahid Murad/td>Dec-2002
OOf Nationalism and Taxes: Translation of ‘USTAD’ Daman’s Punjabi VerseMubashar HasanDec-2002
What are we paying for our loans?S. Akbar ZaidiDec-2001
Incidence of Poverty and Changing Development ParadigmsKhizar H. GondalDec-2001
Financial Sector Deepening and Economic DevelopmentM. Farooq ArbyDec-2001
Devolution, Distributed Processing and DemocracySamir HoodbhoyDec-2001
Economics of Information in the New EconomyM. Kamran LakhaniDec-2001
Dying Languages: Special Focus on Ormuri LanguageRozi Khan BurkiDec-2001
Ethnic Diversity and Political Development in PakistanDr. Arshad Syed KarimJan-1996
Planning in EducationProf. Anita Ghulam AliJan-1996
Role of Local Government in Political EducationM. Ziauddin KhanJan-1996
Principles of Taxation and Taxation System of PakistanDr. Khawaja Amjad SaeedJan-1996
Women’s Education: Training and EmploymentZulekha ZarJan-1996
Checks on Misuse of Administrative PowersMushtak Ali KaziJul-1996
Problems and Prospects of Education in Pakistan and Punjab UniversityA.R. JafriJul-1996
Modernizing Bureaucracy in Pakistan: Its Role in Policy ImplementationArshad Syed KarimJul-1996
Infrastructure Based Programmes: As a Mean for Poverty AlleviationRao Abdul Rauf KhanJul-1996
Development Management in the Commonwealth CaribbeanJamal KhanJul-1996
Personnel Administration to Human Resource Management: An OverviewAbuzar WajidiJul-1996
The Rise and the Fall of District Administration: The Pakistan CaseAftab Ahmed MemonJul-1996
The Eighth Amendment and Federalism: Some Hard Facts of Politics In PakistanHina QambarJul-1996
Pakistani Managers viz-a-viz Modern Management TechniquesJaved Iqbal ShahJul-1996
Role of Karachi Port in Development of National EconomyFarooq-e-Azam CheemaJul-1996