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National Management Course


The aim of the National Management Course is to enable senior officers of the Federal and Provincial Civil Services, friendly countries (allied participants), armed forces and senior executives from the private sector to understand factors bearing on formulation and implementation of public policy, with a view to preparing them for assignments at national policy level.


  • Sensitize the participants to concepts and issues in modern statecraft and public policy; and to the methodology and processes of public policy formulation; and enhance their abilities to think strategically and appreciate how various factors, internal as well as external, impinge upon the policy process.

  • Examine Pakistan’s socio-cultural environment, human development and public service management as they influence public policy formulation and implementation.

  • Enhance participants’ understanding of geo-political and geo-economic trends in a globalizing world and identify challenges and opportunities for Pakistan; analyze determinants of foreign policy and major international issues and their impact on Pakistan; and establish linkages between domestic and international compulsions for Pakistan, enabling the participants to give rational inputs for formulation of a pragmatic policy framework.

  • Enable the participants to comprehend and deal effectively with strategic issues of Public Finance and Financial Management in Pakistan.

  • Enhance understanding of the participants in concepts relating to strategic management, leadership and issues in governance and their inter-relationship in public policy formulation and implementation.

  • Enable participants to undertake policy related research and analysis as an input for policy formulation.

  • Through Inland Study Tours, add to participants’ knowledge of practical problems and issues of public policy formulation, implementation and governance; and through Foreign Study Tours, gain knowledge about public policy planning and formulation processes of selected countries..

  • Encourage co-curricular activities, particularly sports and cultural events