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Year Book

Training and Academic Achievements

  1. Two courses for Nazims were conducted.
  2. National seminar on “Public Policy and the Role of Training Institutions” was conducted.
  3. Two seminars were conducted on local Government System.
  4. Eight SMCs were conducted under NSPP.
  5. Nine NMCs were conducted.
  6. Standardization of  MCMC,SMC, NMC & NIM syllabus.
  7. Introduction of Research Methodology as a study module for MCMC, SMC and NMC.
  8. Launching of NIPP and EDI
  9. National Institute of Public Policy(NIPP) is involved with research both at individual and institutional levels, apart from looking after a host of related activities. At the Institutional level, the NIPP is involved with some major concerns of the NSPP. They are:

a) Degree Awarding Program of the NSPP. The NIPP is closely working with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to settle modalities of degree programs approved by the BOG of NSPP in its third meeting, dated 26 January, 2007, in line with the NSPP Ordinance (No. XCIX of 2002). In June 2009, the HEC granted Degree Awarding Status to the NSPP. The proposed degrees are Masters in Public Sector (Service) Management, Masters in Public Policy, and M.Phil in Public Policy.

b) Institutional Linkages.  The NIPP is actively involved with the establishment of institutional linkages with reputed counterpart public policy institutions abroad. So far, the NSPP has singed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with the following institutions:

    1. China National School of Administration, Beijing, China
    2. Public Administration Institute for Turkey and Middle East(TODAIE), Ankara, Turkey
    3. Russian Academy of Public Administration, (RAPA), Moscow, Russia

Infrastructural Developments

  • Induction of new library building
  • Central discussion Hall
  • Sports complex at NMW,SMW& NIM
  • Computer labs at NMW,SMW & NIM equipped with State of the Art equipments
  • Conference Hall NMW,SMW & NIM
  • Induction of new building of NMW Hall
  • New Mess building at NMW,SMW & EDI
  • Induction of new Hostels building at SMW & CSA
  • Induction of Medical dispensaries at NMW & SMW
  • New offices for NIPP,NMW ,SMW & NIM
  • Wireless Internet facility in the new building of NSPP
  • Access to Pakistan Education and Research Network (PERN 2)
  • Access purchase HEC digital library
  • Purchase of Video Conferencing System for Constituent and Integral Units

Automation of Library

Compatible database software for all Integral & Constituent Units of the NSPP are being used for automation/computerized. So far, 43000 books, 400 journals have been computerized in NMC library. Access to HEC Digital library is also available.



NMC: National Management college
NMW: National Management Wing
SMW: Senior Management Wing
EDI: Executive Development Institute
NIPP: National Institute of Public Policy
NIM: National Institute of Management
MCMC: Mid Career Management Course
CSA: Civil Services Academy